Vegan Nutrition Consulting

by Victoria

Would you like to get rid of unhealthy eating habits and switch to a fully vegan healthy diet, but not sure how to do it right? I can help you to get my professional advice to reach your health goals. 

Start your vegan journey with me

We will start by taking a look at your current nutrition stage, your food habits, preferences, health conditions, and body mass. I will personally analyze that with you and offer you the most optimal solutions!

In my consultation you will get:

  • 45-60 minutes of a live, online, consultation with me in the form of dialogue;
  • A full analysis of your eating habits and food addictions;
  • Professional step-by-step advice of getting your diet on the right track;
  • A 1- or 2-week meal plan which I will create for you personally according to your goals, needs, food intolerances, and preferences;

Who can I work with?

  • Women and Men of all ages;
  • Children from infancy to teenagers;
  • Athletes, who want to improve their athletic performance. 


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