by Victoria

Let me take a moment and thank you for visiting my blog. I have created these recipes for you, if you are like myself eating a whole foods plant based diet, and moreover, want achieve an optimal health by eating simple, yet complete and delicious meals, suitable for big families, singles and children.

You are on the right spot, if you are looking for:

  • Quick vegan meals, easy to prepare
  • Gluten-free vegan meals
  • Complete vegan lunch & dinner ideas for a family or friends event
  • Sugar-free, palm oil free and raw deserts
  • Eczema-friendly vegan food recipes
  • Other autoimmune-friendly vegan recipes
  • Vegan recipes with ingredients available everywhere
  • Creative vegan food combinations to surprise your guests.

My Mission

I am passionate to guide you through your vegan cooking journey and I want to provide you with the recipes, which are approved by my family members and easy to make focused on the whole food plant based approach, with only natural ingredients.

About Victoria

I am a plant-based mum, have masters in International Management and enjoy vegan cooking! I have suffered with my digestion problems since I was a teen and learned how to cure it with food. 


If you’ve got a burning question pertaining to veganism, chances are excellent you can find the answer in this FAQ.

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